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First shots fired before truck came to stop . Goverment lied, patriots told the truth! LaVoy sacrificed himself to save others

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Harney Sheriff, David Ward - Treason.
Deschutes Sheriff, Shayne Nelson - Treason.
Governor Kate Brown - Treason.
Oregon State Police - Treason.
FBI - Treason.

Audio forensics have been ran on this video to make the audio more clear.



Affidavit by Stewart Waterhouse to be given to Fed Grand Jury proving gun was planted on LaVoy Finicum after he was murdered by OSP & FBI at a Road Block on Jan 26 in Oregon.


My friends, on Monday Doreen's Petition for En Banc Rehearing was denied.

The orders Doreen has been suffering in prison for resisting have never been found to be lawful or Constitutional by any court or any jury. This denial says nothing different.

It is merely a refusal to re-consider the appellate panel's decision that Doreen's challenge to the lawfulness or Constitutionality of the orders could be evaded by the courts.

That is, the denial says that the courts won't stop each other from punishing Doreen for resisting orders none of them will declare lawful-- orders Judge Victoria Roberts and the DOJ admitted to be unlawful by instructing Doreen's jury that it could not consider that issue, which would only be done due to understanding that the orders would not stand the scrutiny.

Anyway, I'm writing today just to alert those of you who care that Doreen is very down right now, thanks to this news. I ask everyone to please write Doreen a letter, note or card. Tell her what a hero she is, and explain to her that this denial just shows that the bad guys can't win on the merits, and that in the course of time, she, and the truth and the law, will prevail.

I will be very grateful to all who reach out to my poor darling bride in this dark moment.

Doreen's mailing address is:

Doreen Hendrickson 48564-039
FPC Alderson A-4
P.O. Box A
Alderson, WV 24910


P.S. If anyone knows how to reach Larry Klayman of Judicial Watch, who has just launched another lawsuit naming a sitting federal judge as defendant for civil rights violations while acting under the color of law, please alert him to the red-meat-fame-honor-and-riches opportunity of suing various perps for what has been done to Doreen (and me too, for that matter), as is laid-out at

P.P.S. If you haven't contacted Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette about prosecuting the federal perps who have violated several Michigan laws in the course of violating Doreen's rights, please do so! Learn details at

P.P.P.S. If you are getting this email as a forward, and aren't familiar with Doreen's ordeal, please visit