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Maintainance & Mods

M48 8mm Mauser Rifle
Sticky Mosin Bolt?

Glock Auto


Mossberg Teardown
The Art of the Dynamic Shotgun 1
The Art of the Dynamic Shotgun 2

AR 15 / M16 / M4

AK-47 & AR-15 Rifle Comparison

AR Bolt ID

Select Fire. AR-16 To M-16 Conversion.
AK upgrades
The Art Of The Tactical Carbine Volume II Disk 2

AK  Kalashnikov variants

AK47 Disassembly to include fire control parts


SKS overview
SKS Trigger


Berdan vs. Boxer Primed Brass
Reloading Berdan Primed Ammunition Part 1
Berdan to Boxer primer conversion for steel & brass ammo cases - Reloading 7.62x54r Large Rifle
SHTF: Reloading Steel Case berdan ammo with regular primers in a pinch. 7.62x39 Tulammo Wolf
Ultra simple berdan depriming - Reloading steel or surplus brass
Annealing Brass
How to find free & cheap lead for bullet casting and reloading ammo
Common Cast Bullet Mistakes" Casting
7.62x39 Old Brass Revival -  Restoring old brass cases
Making Lead Cast 7.62x39 Ammo - Bullet Casting and Reloading

Shotshell reloading without a press

Making a roll crimp - Shotshell reloading