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The lead writer of a controversial movie was found dead along with his wife and daughter in a Minnesota home Saturday afternoon. Officers went to the house Saturday after a neighbor called to report bodies inside. Three people were found dead and have been identified as screenwriter David Crowley, his wife, Komel, 28, and their 5-year-old daughter.

First scenes were shot in 2011  no further shooting until 2013 so this wasnt as major as it may have seemed . Thus the illusion of promotions , a SHORT called Grey State the rise has been promised on grey state face book page in July

Before The Grey State Movie Idea They were trying to start a business for training actors  called Bullet Exchange

Looks like some guy  with some military experience and movie production came  up with this Bullet exchange Ideah.Then they decided to drop it and go for This Grey State thing as BX was dropped just after they went and talked about getting Grey State funded...  

David Crowley

The Gray State press kit is updated, my pitch is in order, I've got on my shiny shoes, and I'm packing my bags. This weekend is going to change my life forever.

Last weekend's trip to LA to visit friends and talk shop with producers may just shake the country up, because for the first time I feel like I'm connecting with the people who will take Gray State from amateur to pro. Things are gonna start to move fast now.

A pretty wild chapter of my early filmmaking career closes to make room for other endeavors. The BX is, unfortunately, on its way out, but it's been fun!

David Crowley

Come join me friday and saturday for the ‪#‎bxsale‬! Seriously, I'll be lonely and bored


    Gray State: THE RISE Behind the Scenes update


1918 Communist Russia  all over again 

Police State Indoctrination in our schools,  CHEKA police abducting citizens , torturing and murder with full support of the Zionist communist FEDERAL GOVERNMENT

 The truth about the Income Tax  (excise tax) 

The constitution Article 1 Section 9 Cluase 4  no  capitation or other direct tax shall be laid without apportionment "

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